The National Leadership Council is comprised of individuals who share an interest in promoting the strengths & health of African American children, families, and communities. The group represents an array of perspectives including:

  • consumers & family members
  • education
  • human resource development
  • nursing
  • psychiatry & psychology
  • research
  • social work

The NLC seeks to provide leadership in building and supporting behavioral health systems that reduce disparities and contribute to optimal health in our communities. The specific objectives and goals fall into four distinct but connected domains. Below are the stated domains with an example of a goal in that area. It can be assumed that each goal identified and pursued by the national organization includes and reflects the stated concerns of consumers and their family members and that cultural competency is a factor considered in all areas. It can also be assumed that the NLC recognizes the value of working with other national organizations to reduce existing disparities.

National Leadership Council on African American Behavioral Health, Inc.
615 Wellington Way | Jonesboro, GA 30238 | Phone: 770-472-7814